Nadia Gamarra: General Manager of Las Margaritas SAC
“Me considero una mujer emprendedora, por eso le resté importancia a quienes me decían que no se podía”

"I consider myself a big risk taker, and like to take challenges when the most says no one can".

I’m Nadia Gamarra, General Manager of Las Margaritas SAC, a Chimbote (north part of Lima, Peru) company which develops agro-industrial products, including drinks, jams, cereals, among others. When studying Industrial Engineering, I dreamed to develop healthy food, and generate development in the people of my community. Many of us have the guts to accomplish what we set out, but we need to overcome fear and take risks to make things happen.

I inherited the entrepreneurial spirit of my both grandmothers and decided to be my own boss based on those models. For this purpose, I created a juice made of native product from Peru, in a natural beverage line.

Along the way, there were many obstacles but none of them daunted me, because I had the faith that my business would succeed. Most of the time, it is difficult and sometimes frustrating because things do not go as you want, but you have to take time to advance.

Currently my product is being sold in Chimbote and Trujillo, as well as in some universities, but my plans are more ambitious and I am working on it, so I expect in the short run that my product can be exhibit in major supermarkets nationwide and later worldwide.

I firmly believe that we can achieve much, nature has benefited us with healthy wonders, and we just need to put hard effort to grow. My slogan is “Motivate, create and grow”.

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