Punch in the United States of America -USA, is assigned to beverages having various chemical dyes and as ingredients. Macarena Punch, is a product free of these components. The Punch is pronounced as such and its meaning derives from Punche and strength with which we grow Peruvians. That's what we mean when we point to Macarena Punch. One of its main ingredients is Maca, which has the following benefits, which are important to know:

• Increases learning ability and memory.
• Reduce the effects of stress and fatigue, improving physical endurance.
• Strengthens bones and muscles.
• Maca is a superior food, healthy, energetic, restorative, invigorating and stimulating food to be consumed by children, youth, adults and seniors.
• By its action on the microcirculation active neurons, revitalizing stimulates brain function and memory.
• It is an effective antioxidant that strengthens the body's defenses.
• Regulates cholesterol.
• The maca prevents aging, rejuvenates the skin and hair.
• It has properties to combat stress and depression.
• Promotes calcification and bone development in children.

If you want to have an iron Punch, Macarena Punch is your best alternative for you and your family.

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