But that responsibility, what we feel in MACARENA PUNCH is a commitment to others, our work is the result of efforts of many Peruvians and therefore we are in the pleasant obligation to give something back to those in need. We know the needs of our country and being part of a group struggling to get ahead identify with the people we support, we want them to get to where we have arrived at this point to success. food heritage.


The SAC Margaritas, with its brand Macarena Punch in the town of Junin, seeks to promote ... the development of the cultivation of maca and raise the standard of living of the high Andean products, acquiring this input to Peruvian farmers. Through this marketing, it seeks to strengthen the cultural development of maca producers based on motivation, dissemination and training partners in integrated crop management. Contribute and contribute to the revaluation of culture maca as food heritage..



Chimbote is one of the locations where the product is marketed. Macarena Punch, celebrated Christmas homenajeando and entertaining thousands of children in the area. Shows a spirit of solidarity, the General Manager Macarena Punch, Engineer Nadia Gamarra, shared an afternoon of joy with little ones who tasted the nutritious and delicious drink.

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